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My 2018, part 3 – Books

I don’t get as much reading done as I’d like, since, well, since my teens, really, but I still read a few chapters in bed most nights. And on occasion I am even able to put on an audiobook during the daytime while doing monotonous task that don’t require my full attention. So here follows part 3 of my popular entertainment ars of 2018 (you can find part 1: comic books and part 2: films from these handy links).

My reading preference is novels, and while I most years do try to intersperse that with occasional other things, my backlog had grown a bit out of hand in 2017. Therefore I mostly stuck with just the novels (excepting short breaks between each for a comic book or two), and there not much to speak of by the ways of poetry, short stories or non-fiction on the list this year.

As on the other two lists, I’m not going to comment on each individual book (the post would get ridiculously long), so if anything catches your fancy to strike up a conversation on or ask what I thought about, please do let me know in the comments. Again, on the few that I’ve written a short LibraryThing review, those are linked in the title.

And with that, listing time:

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Wagers and kings

He had brought down his first Nyak when scarcely thirteen; had brought down his tenth the week after his accession to the throne; and was returning now from his forty-sixth.

‘Fifty before I come of age,’ he had exulted. ‘Who’ll take the wager?’

But courtiers don’t take wagers against the king’s skill. There is the deadly danger of winning.

Foundation by Isaac Asimov


Off with you

“Off with you” is a phrase used by people who lack the courtesy to say something more polite, such as “If there’s nothing else you require, I must be going,” or “I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave, please,” or even “Excuse me, but I believe you have mistaken my home for your own, and my valuable belongings for yours, and I must ask you to return the items in question to me, and leave my home, after untying me from this chair, as I am unable to do it myself, if it’s not too much trouble.”

– Lemony Snicket,
in chapter 3 of The Penultimate Peril,
Book the Twelfth of A Series of Unfortunate Events


The hubris of mankind

Why should not God have come to the earth as an earth-worm? There are a great many more worms than men, and they do a great deal more good.

– Merlyn, in
The Book of Merlyn, chapter 3, page 45,
by T. H. White


Legal residence

Are you guys from the Housing co-op? Because it’s perfectly legal to win an apartment in a duel.

– John Constantine,

in “Necromancing the Stone”, episode 3×15 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow




Merlyn, […] was a staunch conservative – which was rather progressive of him, when you reflect that he was living backwards

The Book of Merlyn, chapter 3, page 35,
by T. H. White


Where you please, and when

“Chain! Chain you! What! Run you not, then,
just where you please, and when?”
“Not always, sir; but what of that?”
“Enough for me, to spoil your fat!
It ought to be a precious price
which could to servile chains entice;
for me, I’ll shun them while I’ve wit.”
So ran Sir Wolf, and runneth yet.

– Le Loup et le Chien
by Jean de la Fontaine, in Elizur Wright‘s translation

Illustration by J. J. Grandville.