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Top 15 new TV shows of 2017 (that I have seen)

And so another year has ended and a new one begun. As usual, I’ve been too busy watching television to write anything about it, but I figured I’d try to make at least one post about the new shows of the year 2017. I watched 32 wholly new shows this year, only two of which I dropped, and as 30 would take me way too long to write up, I figured I’d draw a random line and make a list of the top half of the ones I stayed with.

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Top New Television Shows of 2016

Happy New Year! So, for the past two years, this weblog has basically been dead, or (at best) some kind of shambling ghoul-esque state of not so much passing on as passing on and on and on and on …

Clearly, the days of me finding the time to list and minireview every new TV show I watch are long gone. But I still watch exuberant amounts of the stuff, so here is a little write-up of my favourite three new 2016 shows, as well as my wife’s picks (as she watches the vast majority of them with me). I’ll try to name-drop other new shows that I think are worth checking out as I go, ’cause, well, why not.

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New year, new little goals



The first time around, success. The second time, ambition got the better of me, and the third time around, I did not fare much better — though in that case, I blamed spending all year on moving and remodelling. In 2016, alas, I did not have such a great excuse, and so the miserable result I now have to show is mine to bear without the convenience of mitigating circumstances.

That said, I’ve been enjoying having these little lists to revisit throughout the year, so I’m making another one. Mostly just carrying failed goals over from last time, of course. Fingers crossed!

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Top 10 things I plan to do in 2016

The first time around, it went splendidly. The second time, I got overly ambitious with my list of goals, and the third time around, it went quite poorly, too — though in this case, I blame spending all year on moving and remodelling.

But I find it nice to have this list to revisit — for instance, I have a notoriously shoddy memory, and seeing the dates on which I did things helps me in hindsight recalling context for what would otherwise at best be fragmented memories. So here we go again:

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Top 12 returning shows in 2015

So, I’m still a fair bit away from being able to make my year-ending “new shows of 2014” summary post, having a bit of stuff left to watch that I’m really determined to see before I do. But in covering new shows (which I’ve been doing since 2011), old, ongoing ones keep going by the wayside. Even if they started after 2011, I tend not to make much mention of them here after their premiere season, so I thought, hey, let’s change that.

This is also an interesting year to make such a list in — a lot of quality shows ended last year, including Sons of Anarchy, Legend of Korra, Boardwalk Empire and short-lived Enlisted. I’m excited to see which ones will make the cut out of the ones which remain.

Now, I obviously watch copious amounts of television, and I like a lot of it. That means, just because something doesn’t appear on this list, doesn’t mean I don’t watch and enjoy it. But I need to draw a line somewhere, and 12 is a pretty number. So without further ado, these are the 12 returning shows I’m expecting to be enjoying the most in 2015: Read More…

Top 10 things I plan to do in 2015

It went so well the first time around, I got overly ambitious with my list of goals the second time. I’ve found I quite like having this list of things I’d like to do, though, it gives some structure and point of reference to the year. Whenever I do one of the things on this list, I get to feel all accomplished for doing something I’d likely have done regardless. Considering the puny results of 2014, though, this time, I’m limiting myself to 10 points (admittedly somewhat more extensive points than the earlier lists had), with the hope of actually seeing through most of them … Read More…

Top 10: Books that meant something to me

Erlend asked for a list such as this on Facebook, and I, obedient cur I am, provided. Then it struck me that this might make a half-decent weblog post, so here it is, refitted and with bonus content (pictures!).

The list requested was ten books that have meant something to me, and I’m excluding graphic novels from that definition for convenience’s sake. Obviously very different from just listing my favourite books, this will be very heavily over-represented by stuff I read (or got read to me) when I was fairly young.

Finally, for reasons of sentimentality and lack of favoritism, they are sorted alphabetically by author rather than by any form of preference: Read More…