New year, new little goals



The first time around, success. The second time, ambition got the better of me, and the third time around, I did not fare much better — though in that case, I blamed spending all year on moving and remodelling. In 2016, alas, I did not have such a great excuse, and so the miserable result I now have to show is mine to bear without the convenience of mitigating circumstances.

That said, I’ve been enjoying having these little lists to revisit throughout the year, so I’m making another one. Mostly just carrying failed goals over from last time, of course. Fingers crossed!

  1. Finish reading (or if they’re not too interesting, reading the forewords in and then skimming) the unread volumes I’ve bought of Verdens hellige skrifter.
    January 6: Apokryfe evangelier (foreword by Halvor Moxnes, translations by Einar Thomassen)
    January 9: Dødehavsrullene (foreword and selection by Torleif Elgvin)
    January 13: Koranen (translated by Einar Berg, foreword by Kari Vogt)
    January 17: Shinto, Japans eldste myter (edited by Mark Teeuwen)
    March 29: Sjamanisme (edited and translated by Brita Pollan)
    April 26: De rettvises hager (by Muhyi al-Din al-Nawawi, translation and foreword by Nora S. Eggen)
    May 30: Popol Vuh (translated by Christian Rugstad, foreword by John Ødemark)
    June 19: Myter fra Meso-Amerika (foreword and selection by Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo, translation by Kari and Kjell Risvik)
    August 11: Jorden – vår mor. Indianske myter og legender fra Nord-Amerika (foreword and selection by Tor Åge Bringsværd)
    September 29: Inuit. Myter og sagn fra Grønland (foreword and selection by Tor Åge Bringsværd)
    October 10: Noaidier (edited by Brita Pollan)
    November 2: Keltiske myter (edited by Jan Erik Rekdal)
    November 27: Romersk religion (edited by Sissel Undheim)
  2. Finish reading the 40 volume Phantom Chronicles I bought on a whim in summer of 2014 (February 13), the many Mignoliaverse volumes I bought in 2015, and my wife’s W*I*T*C*H-collection (March 18)
  3. Finish reading DoubleDuck so I can finally get to the PK crossover
  4. Read 1 new multiple-volume fantasy series (Prince of Nothing trilogy by R. Scott Bakker: The Darkness that Comes Before (Aug 10), The Warrior-Prophet (Sep 22), The Thousandfold Thought (Nov 17))
  5. Cross at least 1 book — that do not count towards other goals on this list — off my reading list per month
    January: The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket (January 15)
    February: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (February 14)
    March: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (February 17)
    April: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (April 2)
    May: Mr. Robot: Red Wheelbarrow (eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt) by Sam Esmail and Courtney Looney (April 10)
    June: The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman (Also April 10)
    July: Marvel’s The Dark Tower Companion by Robin Furth, Peter David, et al (May 9)
    August: Hansel and Gretel by Neil Gaiman and Lorenzo Mattotti (May 12)
    September: Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick and Sophie Blackall (May 22)
    October: The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket (May 27)
    November: The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle (July 14)
    December: Legg bi og plystre etter vinden by Philip Newth (July 21)
    Not included to this goal: Re-reading the “Krondor” trilogy in order to read “Jimmy and the Crawler” (the later added-on volume 4) and properly fulfill last year’s goal of finishing every Midkemia book Feist has written. Krondor: The Betrayal (June 8), Krondor: The Assassins (June 16), Krondor: Tear of the Gods (June 26) and finally Jimmy and the Crawler (June 30).
    Also read: Luther: The Calling by Neil Cross (September 29), Instructions by Neil Gaiman (October 23), Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden and Katie Lucas (November 3), Star Wars: Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston (November 22), The Ersatz Elevator by Lemony Snicket (also on November 22), Tak: Companion Book by James Ernest and Patrick Rothfuss (December 5), Star Wars: Darksaber by Kevin J. Anderson (December 20).

6. Enter DVD collection into LibraryThing
7. Make at least 10 new strips for my mostly-shitty mostly-dead webcomic or its spinoffs (One down, April 15)


8. Watch at least 5 of these 35 movies:
Tomorrowland (April 14)
The Goonies (June 11)
The Ladykillers
Bridge of Spies
The Man Who Wasn’t There’t_There_%282001_film%29
The Indian in the Cupboard
Lucy  (June 16)
12 Years a Slave
The Sting
Tinker Soldier Tailor Spy
Long Kiss Goodnight
Sky Blue
Pride and Prejudice
All the President’s Men
The Seventh Seal
Sliding Doors
Grosse Pointe Blank
The Road
Out of Sight
Lethal Weapon
The Untouchables
The Getaway
The Court Jester
Once Upon A Time in the West
Scarface (June 4)
9. Reduce my pile of Movies-To-(Re-)Watch DVDs to 3 or less. (Currently 26 as I write this post)
– 1 (Van Helsing) on January 3. New total: 25
– 1 (Kelly’s Heroes) on January 4. New total: 24
– 2 (Un long dimanche de fiançailles and Thumbelina) on January 5. New total: 22
– 1 (The Departed) on January 6. New total: 21
– 2 (Miss Congeniality and Monsters, Inc.) on January 7. New total: 19
– 1 (Miss Congeniality 2 and FernGully: The Last Rainforest) on January 8. New total: 17
– 1 (The Witches) on January 10. New total: 16
-1 (Johnny English) on January 11. New total: 15
-1 (Stay) on January 12. New total: 14
+3 on January 17. New total: 17
-1 (Speed) on January 21. New total: 16
-2 (Hook and The Da Vinci Code) on January 22. New total: 14
-1 (Truman Show) on January 23. New total: 13
-1 (National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets) on January 25. New total: 12
-1 (The Lone Ranger) on January 26. New total: 11
-1 (Inside Man) on January 28. New total: 10
-1 (Deadpool) on January 29. New total: 9
-1 (Dogma) on January 30. New total: 8
-1 (Up) on February 1. New total: 7
-1 (Warcraft) on February 6. New total: 6
-1 (Inside Out) on February 7. New total: 5
-1 (Hancock) on February 8. New total: 4
-2 (I Am Legend and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) on February 10. New total: 2
-1 (RED) on February 11. New total: 1
-1 (WALL-E) on February 12. New total: 0!!!
+1 on February 14. New total: 1 again
-1 (RED 2) on February 18. New total: 0!!!
+5 on February 22. New total: 5
-1 (Delicatessen) on February 26. New total: 4
-2 (The City of Lost Children and MicMacs) on February 27. New total: 2
+9 and -1 (Johnny English Reborn) on March 1. New total: 10
-1 (Ice Age) on March 4. New total: 9
-2 (Ice Age 2: Meltdown and Taken) on March 5. New total: 8
-1 (Finding Nemo) on March 8. New total: 6
-1 (Clash of the Titans) on March 9. New total: 5
-1 (Wrath of the Titans) on March 10. New total: 4
-1 (The Iron Giant) on March 11. New total: 3
-1 (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) on March 13. New total: 2
-1 (Kung Fu Panda) on May 28. New total: 1
+1 and -1 (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides) on June 3. New total: Still 1
-1 (Scarface) on June 4. New total: 0!!!
+3 on June 19. New total: 3
-1 (Underworld: Awakening) on June 29. New total: 2
-1 (Underworld: Blood Wars) on July 1. New total: 1
-1 (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans) on July 2. New total: 0!!!
+12 (going through shelves for films we barely remember or one of us hasn’t seen) and -2 (Spice World and I Heart Huckabees) on July 8. New total: 10
-2 (The Man in the Iron Mask (1977) and Bewitched) on July 9. New total: 8
+2 on July 12. New total: 10
-1 on July 13 (Josie and the Pussycats). New total: 9
-1 on July 14 (Waitress). New total: 8
-1 on July 15 (Hocus Pocus). New total: 7
-1 on July 16 (Shopgirl). New total: 6
-1 on July 19 (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow). New total: 5
-1 on July 20 (The Warrior’s Way). New total: 4
-3 on July 22 (I Love You, Phillip Morris; Run, Lola, Run and Dinosaur). New total: 1
-1 on July 23 (The Young and Prodigious T. S. Spivet). New total: 0!!!
+1 and -1 on August 6 (Mulan). New total: still 0!!!
1 and -1 on August 15 (Tangled). New total: still 0!!!
+1 and -1 on August 19 (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog). New total: still 0!!!
+1 and -1 on August 25 (The Princess Bride). New total: still 0!!!
+1 and -1 on September 3 (Intolerable Cruelty). New total: still 0!!!
+1 on October 1, +1 on October 2. New total: 2
-1 on October 4 (Jupiter Ascending). New total: 1
+2 and -1 on October 5 (Ronja Rövardotter). New total: 2
+1 on October 7. New total: 3
-1 on October 12 (The LEGO Batman Movie). New total: 2
-1 on October 13 (Peter Pan). New total: 1
+1 and -1 (Peter Pan: Return to Never Land) on October 14. New total: still 1
+1 and -1 (Blade Runner) on November 6. New total: still 1
10. Cross at least 4 non-2017 television shows off my neverending watchlist
* Bloodline (finished July 18)
* Roswell (finished October 8)
* Rick and Morty (caught up in the spring and stayed à jour with the new season in fall)
* Sex and the City
* The Art of More (finished July 25)
* The Man in the High Castle (caught up in June)
* Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (caught up over the usmmer and stayed à jour with the new season in fall)
* The Magicians

Good luck, me!


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2 responses to “New year, new little goals”

  1. Loki says :

    OK, so:

    Goal 1: Done!
    Goal 2: 2/3 done. I didn’t get around to the Mignoliaverse stuff this year for various reasons, but mainly it was on purpose as I kept prioritising smaller comic projects and leaving the bigger one as a carrot for later.
    Goal 3: 10/26 done. Boy, did I fail at this one.
    Goal 4: Done! And it was really good, too!
    Goal 5: Well and truly over-completed. Might have set this one too low?

    Goal 6: Half-way done, going by shelf rows. Might have actually finished this if not for the four week Christmas vacation where I couldn’t continue on it, but that just means I should have started earlier in the year …
    Goal 7: 1/10. Pathetic!

    Goal 8. 4/5 done. If I had realised I was just one film away from finishing this one, I’d have made sure I did, but I thought I was a bit further from reaching it until I revisited this now. Grrr.
    Goal 9: Done! I had 1 left in the pile when I left for Christmas break, and even including the ones added to it after Christmas it should be at “3 or less”.
    Goal 10: Well and truly over-completed! 😀

    So in final tally, that is 1+0,66+0,5+1+1+0,5+0,1+0,8+1+1= 7,56! That’s the best result I’ve had since the first year I ever did this (though it’s not really close to beating that year’s tally)! Yay me!

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